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Nissan Chemical Corporation has combined its unparalleled expertise in materials and biological evaluation to develop game-changing innovations. Our solutions benefit drug discovery including oligonucleotide therapeutics, material development for regenerative medicine, cosmetics and other healthcare business.

Oligonucleotide Drug Discovery Platform

Nissan Chemical’s oligonucleotide drug discovery platform, consisting of (1) modified nucleic acid MCEs, (2) single-stranded herteroduplex oligonucleotides, and (3) in silico sequence design algorithms, provides antisense oligonucleotide therapeutics with high efficacy and safety.

Through a strategic alliance with Luxna Biotech Co., Ltd., we are developing the next generation of innovative oligonucleotide drug pipelines and technologies. Nissan Chemical has access to Luxna Biotech’s proprietary modified nucleic acids for our drug discovery platform.

We are willing to build our R&D portfolio by collaborating with pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Cell culture material - FCeM®​​ -

The 3-dimensional (3D) culture method "FCeM(TM) series" realizes suspension and dispersion culture of adherent cells, and provides a culture environment that reduces stress and damage to cells during culture. FCeM(TM) Advance therein makes non-freeze storage and transport of spheroids and organoids possible, while Cellhesion(TM)is a new culture scaffold that enables distributed culture of somatic cells showing anchorage-dependent proliferation such as mesenchymal stem cells.

Anti-adhesion Coating Materials prevelex®

prevelex® is hydrophilic, anti-adhesion coatings that are applicable to regenerative medicine. prevelex® improves spheroid formation, bioanalysis, and drug screening due to its high anti-adhesion efficacy against cells, proteins including antibodies, nucleic acids, and viruses.

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Cosmetic Materials

NFG®, a highly functional additive, promotes moisturization and penetration of active ingredients by forming a film on the skin and hair. The film formed also has an anti-pollution effect, protecting the skin from environmental pollution such as PM2.5 and pollen. Cosmetic particles ORGABEADS® are composite particles composed of cellulose and various natural products. In addition to the good skin feel, etc., it maintains natural finish feel and shows makeup effects that do not show wrinkles and pores.

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