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Editorial Policy of Sustainability Website


In 1992, we introduced responsible care activities, and have disclosed the details of these activities via Environmental and Safety Report since 1999, CSR Report since 2013 and Annual Report in which business overview and financial section were included since 2016.

Since 2018, in addition to the business overview, E (Environment), S (Social) and G (Governance) information, we have included the materiality, process of value creation, and detailed financial information as an integrated report.

On the sustainability website, we also disclose information on the details of various sustainability activities of our group.


Reporting period

Fiscal year(April to March of next year)

  • The occupational accidents data is from January to December

Scope of reporting

Consolidated subsidiaries:

Nissei Corporation, Nissan Butsuryu Co., Ltd., Nissan Green & Landscape Co., Ltd., Nissan Engineering, Ltd., NC Tokyo Bay Corporation, Nihon Hiryo Co., Ltd., Nissan Chemical America Corporation (NCA), Nissan Chemical Europe S.A.S. (NCE), NCK Co., Ltd. (NCK), Nissan Bharat Rasayan PVT. LTD. (NBR)

Entities accounted for using equity method:

Sun Agro Co., Ltd., Clariant Catalysts (Japan) K.K.

Group companies:

The above consolidated subsidiaries and entities accounted for using equity method,
NC Agro Hakodate Corporation, Environmental Technical Laboratories, Ltd., Nissan Chemical Taiwan Co., Ltd. (NCT), Nissan Chemical Product (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (NCS),
Nissan Chemical Agro Korea Ltd. (NAK), Nissan Chemical Do Brasil (NCB), Nissan Agro Tech India PVT. LTD. (NAI), Nissan Chemical Materials Research (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (NSU)

Coverage Ratio

  Unit FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Ratio of non-consolidated sales of Nissan Chemical Corporation against consolidated sales※1 % 77.5 77.7 81.7 80.3
  • ※1 is applicable to coverage ratio when "non-consolidated" is listed under the "Scope" column.
    The coverage ratio when "consolidated" is listed under the "Scope" column is 100%.

Guidelines used as reference

  • International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) "International <IR> Framework"
  • GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Standard
  • SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) Standards
  • ISO26000
  • Ministry of the Environment "Environmental Accounting Guidelines 2005"

Contact for inquiries about this report

Sustainability Promotion Group, Sustainability Promotion & IR Department, Nissan Chemical Corporation

TEL: +81-3-4463-8404 E-mail:



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