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Corporate Name Nissan Chemical Corporation
Head Office 5-1, Nihonbashi 2-Chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-6119, Japan
TEL +81-3-4463-8111
Founded 1887
Common Stock ¥18,942 million
No. of Employees Consolidated:2,640
*As of March 2020
Corporate Philosophy We contribute to the society in harmony with the environment, based on our excellent technologies, products and services.
Article of Incorporation Details are available here

Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members

  • Representative Director, Chairman

    KINOSHITA Kojiro

    (April 19, 1948)

  • Representative Director, President

    YAGI Shinsuke

    (June 13, 1962)

  • Director, Senior Executive Vice President

    MIYAZAKI Junichi

    (October 9, 1951)

  • Director

    HONDA Takashi

    (March 8, 1959)

  • Director

    SUZUKI Hitoshi

    (December 11, 1961)

  • Director

    YOSHIDA Hironori

    (May 9, 1962)

  • Outside Director

    OHE Tadashi

    (May 20, 1944)

  • Outside Director

    OBAYASHI Hidehito

    (April 22, 1944)

  • Outside Director

    KATAOKA Kazunori

    (November 27, 1950)

  • Outside Director

    NAKAGAWA Miyuki

    (November 22, 1964)

  • Audit & Supervisory Board Member

    SUZUKI Norihiro

  • Audit & Supervisory Board Member

    TAKEMOTO Shuichi

  • Audit & Supervisory Board Member

    ONITSUKA Hiroshi

  • Outsite Audit & Supervisory Board Member

    KATAYAMA Noriyuki

Executive Officers

Chairman KINOSHITA Kojiro CEO
President YAGI Shinsuke COO
Production Technology
Chemicals Div.
Production Technology Dept.
Senior Executive Vice President MIYAZAKI Junichi CFO
Corporate Strategy & Coordination
Chairman of CSR Committee and Environment, Safety & Quality Assurance Committee
Responsibilities: Internal Audit Dept., Finance & Accounting Dept., Environment, Safety & Quality Assurance Dept.
Senior Managing Executive Officer HONDA Takashi Head of Agricultural Chemicals Div.
President of NC Agro Hakodate Corporation
Representative Director of Nissan Chemical Europe S.A.S.
Representative Director of Nissan Chemical Agro Korea Ltd.
Chairman of Nissan Agro Tech India PVT.LTD.
Chairman of Nissan Bharat Rasayan PVT.LTD.
Responsibilities: Purchasing Dept.
Senior Managing Executive Officer MIYAKE Toshiro Head of Biological Research Laboratories
Managing Executive Officer SUZUKI Hitoshi Research & Development
Head of Planning and Development Div.
Pharmaceuticals Div.,
Intellectual Property Dept.
Managing Executive Officer YOSHIDA Hironori CRO
Head of Corporate Planning Dept.
Chairman of Risk Management & Compliance Committee
Responsibilities: Personnel Dept.
Managing Executive Officer ISHIKAWA Motoaki Head of Performance Materials Div.
Chairman of Nissan Chemical America Corporation
Representative Director of NCK Co., Ltd.
Representative Director of Nissan Chemical Taiwan Co., Ltd.
Representative Director of Nissan Chemical Materials Research (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer HAMAMOTO Satoru Deputy Head of Agricultural Chemicals Div.,
Head of Sales & Marketing Japan, Agricultural Chemicals Div.
Executive Officer OHRAI Kazuhiko Head of Internal Audit Dept.
Executive Officer TAKAKO Yasushi Plant Manager of Toyama Plant
President of Nissan Engineering Corporation
Executive Officer ENDO Hideyuki Head of Materials Research Laboratories
Executive Officer NOMURA Masafumi Plant Manager of Onoda Plant
Executive Officer MATSUOKA Takeshi Head of Chemicals Div.
Executive Officer SATO Yuji Deputy Head of Agricultural Chemicals Div., Head of International Operations, Agricultural Chemicals Div.
Executive Officer HATA Toshiyuki Plant Manager of Sodegaura Plant
Executive Officer DAIMON Hideki Head of Finance & Accounting Dept.
Executive Officer MATSUMURA Mitsunobu General Manager of Life Science Materials Development Dept., Planning and Development Div.
Executive Officer AOKI Atsumi Plant Manager of Saitama Plant
Executive Officer KAWASHIMA Wataru Head of Personnel Dept.,General Manager of Health Promotion Office

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