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Fine chemicals operations are dealing with TEPIC®, melamine-based flame retardants, PPA (Phenylphosphonic Acid) and its derivatives, and HI-LITE, which is anti-bacterial and disinfectant environmental chemicals for swimming pools and wastewater treatment systems.
TEPIC® was originally used as a cross-linking hardening agent for powder coatings as it imparts superior outdoor durability and high heat resistance to the coating. More recently use of TEPIC® has expanded into electronic materials applications such as solder resist ink and transparent encapsulate for LED, CCD and photo sensor applications.
Melamine-based flame retardants Melamine Cyanurate (MC) was developed for halogen-free plastics applications. Depending on directive "RoHS" for E&E parts, their markets are expanding. We also take measures against Legionella bacteria regarding bathing facilities with "HI-LITE SPA series". We aim at contributing to social environmental sanitation widely.


Main Products

TEPIC®, Tris (2, 3-Epoxy propyl) Isocyanurate is a special tri-functional epoxy compound consisting of a triazine ring and three glycidyl groups. The triazine ring imparts excellent outdoor durability due to its low UV absorption and the glycidyl groups provide high heat resistance by densely cross-linking with resins. TEPIC® has many industrial applications such as cross-linker in polyester powder coatings, solder resist ink and transparent encapsulate for LED and CCD's.
Nissan Reishi
Nissan Reishi is a safe Japanese-made health food product created through domestic processing of Reishi mushrooms grown in Japan.
Chlorinated isocyanulate is the main ingredient in this product, which is used for sterilizing, disinfectant for swimming pool and water purification tanks.
FINEOXOCOL® is our unique, highly branched, saturated fatty alcohols and acids that are transparent, odorless, viscous liquids - unlike straight chain fatty alcohols and acids, which are normally in powder form.FINEOXOCOL® has excellent heat stability, oxidation resistance, and is compatible with various organic solvents, but is insoluble in water.
Melamine Cyanurate (MC) is the salt of melamine and iso cyanuric acid. Nissan Chemical is the supplier of both melamine and iso cyanuric acid. MC is nitrogen compound, which has an excellent thermal stability up to 300 deg C. MC is used for various engineering plastics such as nylon, as flame retardant or synergist. Physical property is white fine powder and is insoluble in water and almost of all organic solvent. At the combustion, MC is decomposed by heat above 300 deg C and generates inert nitrogen gases.
The crystal of MC takes multilayer structure such as mica, which performs as a solid lubricant.
pheniylphosphonic acid
OPTBEADS® is spherical fine particles composed of melamine-formaldehyde resin and silica and has features of narrow particle size distribution, good heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, solvent resistance and high refractive index.

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