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Nissan Chemical’s semiconductor business was started by receiving license of ARC®coating from Brewer Science, Inc. (USA) in 1997, which allowed production and sales of ARC®coating. Currently, the business is expanding its material technology and business to multi-layer process material as well.
ARC®coating corresponds with various lines and uses, and has the largest market share in Asia. With the miniaturization and higher-integration of semiconductors, the demand for ARC®coating and its peripheral materials have exceedingly increased and the business is also largely expanding its scale.


Main Products

ARC®coating is bottom anti-reflective coating developed for semiconductor lithography. It solves various problems with exposure by coating under photo resist products. We provide a wide range of products corresponding with a wide range of line widths from i-line to the most advanced ArF, and contribute to technological innovation in semiconductor devices.
*ARC® is registered trade mark of Brewer Science, Inc.

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