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Contribution to the Food Issues


The world's population is increasing especially in developing countries, including some countries in Asia and Africa. The current world population of 7.6 billion is expected to reach 8.6 billion by 2030. In addition to population growth, demand for agricultural products is expected to increase significantly due to a multiplication in demand for food and feed, mainly in emerging and developing countries as income levels improve, and demand for use of crop-based biofuels. On the supply side, however, there are concerns about serious food shortages due to the possibility of arable land expansion and water supply limits, and abnormal weather due to climate change. In order to respond to such food shortages, it is indispensable to enhance the productivity of existing farmland, and the role of production materials such as agrochemicals that support agricultural productivity is increasing.

Our company was founded in 1887 as Japan’s first chemical fertilizer manufacturer to solve food issues which Japan faced at the time under the company policy "to dedicate ourselves to prosperity of the nation by agricultural fertility". We will continue to actively seek out and develop new drugs for major crops in Japan and overseas, and continue to contribute to solving food problems by expanding our product lineup through mergers and acquisitions and acquiring other agents, and by making these products widely available in Japan and overseas.




ALTAIR®, an active ingredient in herbicides for paddy rice, is a wide-spectrum herbicide that is highly effective in eliminating bulrush and cyperaceous perennial weeds. It is also effective for weeds that are resistant to conventional sulfonylurea-based herbicides. We market this product in Japan, South Korea and China.



In 2002, we acquired the exclusive marketing rights to this product in Japan from Monsanto. While this herbicide kills most weeds, it has low toxicity to humans and animals and does not remain in the soil or in the environment. This herbicide kills most weeds, has low toxicity to humans and animals, and does not remain in the soil/environment. It has become a highly popular herbicide around the world. It is used in agriculture, non-agricultural land, homes, and a variety of other places.



To meet the needs of farmers, we develop and sell a large number of one-shot herbicides for paddy rice. The main component of these herbicides is SIRIUS®, our proprietary active ingredient. We have been marketing these products in more than 20 countries for over 20 years.



An herbicide for the control of grassy weeds around soybeans, beets, cotton, sunflowers, and other broadleaf crops. It is used worldwide, particularly in North America and Europe. In addition, it is sold in Japan under the product name PORTO® Flowable, and is mainly used for soybeans.



In Japan, we sell the middle/late-term agent for rice fields HICUT® and the lawn herbicide INPOOL®, which have shown a high level of effectiveness against spikerush, which is difficult to prevent/eliminate, as products utilizing the characteristic strength of the proprietary active ingredient PERMIT® against sedges. We also market it as PERMIT® in more than 20 overseas countries as an herbicide for paddy rice, corn fields, sugar cane fields and lawns.




A general purpose insecticide that is effective against a wide range of difficult-to-control insect pests such as lepidoptera and thrips found in vegetables and tea, and has little impact on honeybees. It was launched in South Korea in 2018 and in Japan in 2019, moving along with its development in China and India, and conducting related evaluations in Asia and South America.



This acaricide prevents and eliminates spider mites from fruits, tea and vegetables. It is extremely safe for the natural enemies of spider mites and useful insects such as honey bees. In South Korea, it is used for fruits and vegetables, and in South America it is used for flowers.



This insecticide / acaricide is effective against spider mites and rust mites in fruit trees, as well as spider mites and whiteflies in vegetables. We also market this product in about 30 overseas countries.




These fungicides have specific activity for diseases caused by oomycetes and myxomycetes. We sell LEIMAY®, which is used as an atomizing agent for potatoes, grapes and vegetables, and ORACLE®, which is used for preventing and eliminating the root-knot disease of cruciferous vegetables and soil-borne diseases of potatoes, rice, vegetables and lawns. BESGREEN® meanwhile is designed to prevent diseases in lawns, and is sold in domestic and more than 20 overseas countries including Europe, South Korea and China.



These products contain a fungicide that we acquired from Dow AgroSciences in 2010. We market GREATAM® for the sheath blight disease that affects paddy rice and IKARUGA® for large patch disease of lawn. We export and sell this product in overseas markets including China, South Korea, India and Brazil under the trade name of PULSOR®.




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