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Social Media Operation Policy

Social Media Operation Policy

1. Purpose

This "Social Media Operation Policy" ("Policy") sets out the matters concerning the operation of social media accounts operated by the Nissan Chemical Group ("Group" or "we") (collectively "NC Official Accounts," and individually "Account").

2. Basic Principles

The NC Official Accounts transmit information using photos, videos, and other media in line with the individual purposes of each Account, the details of which are clearly outlined in their profiles or similar columns.

3. Basic Stance for Operation

  • We always respect all users and are open to their opinions and comments.
  • Clarifying the purpose of communicating with users, we offer valuable information for them.
  • We use comprehensible and clear expressions.
  • We understand the characteristics of digital tools; for instance, the information is disseminated instantly, and once posted, it may never be completely erased.
  • We give full attention to the privacy of any individual.
  • We give full attention to the protection of copyrights.

4. Management of Comments

The NC Official Accounts are operated by the Group's employees or third parties entrusted from the Group, respectively. All the comments or opinions posted on the NC Official Accounts (including "Tweet," Retweet," and "Reply" on Twitter and "Likes" on Facebook, collectively "Comments," and the same shall apply hereinafter) are managed in the following manners:

(1) Reply/Follow

The NC Official Accounts intend to have interactive communication with users by means such as the transmission and reply from the Group and the Comments and direct messages from users. However, we may follow users who are not following any of the NC Official Accounts. We do not ensure to reply, follow, or otherwise respond to every Comment or direct message received at the NC Official Accounts from users. The details about the operation of each Account are clearly outlined in the Account's profile or similar column.

(2) Delete/Block

In the course of operation of the NC Official Accounts, we may receive certain Comments irrelevant to the information posted on or transmitted from the NC Official Accounts or other Comments deemed by the Group to have fallen under the cases below. In that case, we may hide, delete or refuse, block a person who posted that Comment or commenter, or take similar action for the whole or a part of those Comments without notice to the commenter. If the Group sustains damage due to malicious Comments, we may claim compensation from the relevant commenter. Also, depending on circumstances, we may delete our Comments without prior notice.

  1. 1)It violates or is likely to violate the laws and ordinances,
  2. 2)It is against public order,
  3. 3)It encourages criminal acts,
  4. 4)It defames and denigrates or damages the reputation or credit of a specific individual, corporation, association, or another party,
  5. 5)It breaches an individual's privacy by means such as disclosing or divulging personal information without the consent of the relevant person,
  6. 6)It discriminates or encourages discrimination based on race, belief, gender, or other personal factors,
  7. 7)It infringes any third party's patents, design rights, copyrights, trademarks, portrait rights, and similar rights,
  8. 8)It aims for sales and marketing, political or religious activities, or other profits,
  9. 9)It contains information that is false or significantly contradictory to the facts,
  10. 10)It uses or provides, or is likely to use or provide, malicious programs,
  11. 11)It is the same or similar Comment repeatedly posted from the identical account,
  12. 12)It violates the terms of use of the relevant social media platform; or/and
  13. 13)Besides, it is deemed as inappropriate for the operation of the NC Official Accounts.

5. Disclaimer

(1) While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information posted on the NC Official Accounts, we shall not assume responsibility for any actions taken by users based on what is posted on the NC Official Accounts.

(2) The Group shall not assume responsibility to monitor and check every content of Comments posted by users on the NC Official Accounts. Also, the Group shall not assume responsibility for any problems or disputes that may arise between users or between any users and third parties concerning the NC Official Accounts.

6. Handling of Copyrights and Other Rights

(1) The details about handling of copyrights and trademarks in the information displayed on the NC Official Accounts are described in "Terms and Conditions of Use" at
Any users may freely use "Retweet" on Twitter, "Likes" on Facebook, and other commenting features (including similar features, collectively "Social Media Features") for the articles posted on each NC Official Account. However, if a user intends to make the secondary use of specific content, the right of which is owned by a third party, outside of the scope of the Social Media Features, the user shall be responsible for obtaining a license from that right owner before making the secondary use, unless it is explicitly and specifically stated that the right was properly processed. The Group shall not assume responsibility for any secondary use by users.

(2) The copyright and author's moral right to the Comment or other content posted by a user shall belong to that user in person. However, by posting that Comment on the NC Official Accounts, the user will be deemed to have granted the Group a worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to use that Comment and agreed not to exercise any copyright or author's moral right against the Group.

7. Announcement and Modifications of the Policy

The content of the Policy is posted on the Group's websites. The Policy may be modified, when necessary, without prior notice.


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