Risk Management

Risk Management Basic Policy and System

Risk Management Basic Policy

We are promoting risk management in accordance with the following action guidelines, with the aim of recognizing the various risks involved in the Nissan Chemical Group, preventing the occurrence of loss risk, minimizing the impact of their occurrence, and contributing to the achievement of our management strategic goals.

  1. We place top priority on the safety of the lives of officers and employees of the Nissan Chemical Group.
  2. We consider risk management to be an important management issue, and engage in the activities from a company-wide perspective.
  3. All officers and employees of the Group shall be sufficiently aware of risk management, strive to improve their abilities, and endeavor to prevent the occurrence of loss risk.
  4. We promptly share the information on risk throughout the company.
  5. We make efforts to respond promptly and accurately to the occurrence of loss risk and to minimize losses.

Goals of risk management

  1. Ensuring the Safety of Human Resources
  2. Surviving as a company
  3. Sound preservation of assets
  4. Securing the credibility of stakeholders
  5. Maximizing business opportunities and opportunities to make achievements, and avoiding the loss of these opportunities
  6. Ensuring compliance and pursuing efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness in the execution of business operations

Risk Management System

The Risk Management & Compliance Office under the Corporate Planning Department has been established as a specialized organization to promote continuous improvement in all of our risk management activities.

In addition, the Risk Management & Compliance Committee, which is held twice a year, has been established as an organization to enhance the effectiveness of risk management, and to maintain and promote compliance.

The committee is chaired by the Chief Risk Management Officer (CRO), who is appointed at the board meeting, and is composed of the risk & compliance managers of each division / department, plant / laboratory, and domestic consolidated subsidiary appointed by the CRO.

The risk & compliance managers periodically conduct risk identification and assessment, formulate countermeasure plans, conduct self-assessment for status of implementation of the countermeasure plan and subject, formulate improvement plan, and systematically perform education and training at each division / department, plant / laboratory, and domestic consolidated subsidiary. The important matters related to risk management and countermeasure plans, etc. are decided at the board meeting after discussion by the committee.

Risk Management System


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