Continuous Improvement of Responsible Care Activities

Water Resources Conservation


We manufacture products containing water as a component, such as aqueous ammonia and high-grade urea solution (AdBlue®), and use water for purification, cleaning, and equipment cooling in manufacturing processes. Therefore, we are working to conserve water resources while complying with environmental laws and regulations and cooperating with local organizations so as not to place a burden on the water cycle in the natural world.



Use of Water Resources

Indicator Scope Unit FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Water resources input Municipal water supplies non-consolidated Million m3 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
Fresh surface water (lakes, rivers, etc.) non-consolidated Million m3 24.3 24.5 25.7 24.8
Fresh groundwater non-consolidated Million m3 17.8 18.1 17.6 17.7
Total※1 non-consolidated Million m3 42.1 42.6 43.4 42.6
Effluent※2 non-consolidated Million m3 14.4 14.9 15.1 14.8
Net fresh water consumption※3 non-consolidated Million m3 27.7 27.8 28.3 27.8
  • 1 Due to rounding off figures, there are places where the sums for each item do not match the total.
  • 2 Water returned to the source of extraction at similar or higher quality as raw water extracted
  • 3 Municipal water supplies + Fresh surface water + Fresh groundwater - Effluent


Efficient Use of Water Resources

The Toyama Plant is a member of the groundwater use council in the Toyama area, a local council that works to protect the local natural environment and promote the sound development of local communities. Promoting the rational use of groundwater is one of the efforts that we are also involved in. These factors mean that we are working on water resource conservation while complying environmental laws and regulations at each plant and cooperating with local organizations.

Water input / Effluent (Million m3)

Shomyo Falls and Hannoki Falls, into which meltwater from the Tateyama Mountain Range flows

Toyama Plant and Tateyama Mountain Range seen from the Ida River




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