Strengthening of Nissan Group's business base

Promotion of Diversity


In order to grow as a “future-creating enterprise” and contribute to society, we believe that the participation of diverse human resources is essential as globalization and technological advancement accelerate changes in lifestyle and diversification of values.

At Nissan Chemical, a diverse range of individuals have been actively contributing to the group with their excellent talents in a wide range of fields irrespective of the age, gender and nationality. One thing that we are proud of is our high employee retention rate, such as 15.8-year of the average length of service, it makes us believe that our workplace environment allows each individual employee to play an active part. We will continue to further promote respect for diversity.


Indicator Scope Unit FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 Target
Full-time employees※1
(by role)
Regular position Male non-consolidated People 902 926 937 941
Female non-consolidated People 69 74 84 92
Total non-consolidated People 971 1000 1021 1033
Ratio of females non-consolidated % 7.1 7.4 8.2 8.9 10% (2020)
General position Male non-consolidated People 665 673 691 713
Female non-consolidated People 103 99 107 115
Total non-consolidated People 768 772 798 828
Ratio of females non-consolidated % 13.4 12.8 13.4 13.9
Overall Male non-consolidated People 1567 1598 1628 1654
Female non-consolidated People 172 174 191 207
Total non-consolidated People 1739 1772 1819 1861
Ratio of females non-consolidated % 9.9 9.8 10.5 11.1
Ratio of employees with disabilities※2 non-consolidated % 2.35 2.15 2.23 2.21 2.20 (Continuation)
(Statutory minimum rate) non-consolidated % (2.00) (2.00) (2.00) (2.20)
Re-employment of retired employees non-consolidated People 64 85 91 96
Ratio of re-employment of retired employees non-consolidated % 97 89 75 90
  • 1 Data is as March 31 for each fiscal year.
  • 2 Data is as June 1 in each year.


Promoting Active Participation of Women in the Workplace

With regard to creating a work environment where female employees can play an active role, we have been working on efforts such as reducing overtime, promoting annual leave, and introduction of a childcare leave system and system that allows shorter working hours for childcare that both exceed legal requirements in order to achieve a good work-life balance.

In addition, with regard to the promotion of women, we have set our goal to increase the ratio of women among employees in the regular position from 7% to 10% by the end of FY2020. We are working so that proportion of 30% of women among new graduates in the regular position is achieved and the range of occupations held by women is expanded in each department.

We will continue to employ talented human resources, regardless of gender, through fair evaluation and training.

Action Plan for Promoting Active Participation of Women in the Workplace (Excerpt)

Period of the plan Five years from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2021
Issue The proportion of women among employees in the regular position is especially low.
Target Increase the proportion of women among employees in the regular position to 10% or higher
Actions to take 1. Increase the proportion of women among new graduates in the regular position to 30% or higher
2. Assign women proactively to departments with low rates of female employees in the regular position

Proportion of women among new graduates in the regular position

Activities for Recruiting Foreign Students

We recruit foreign students as a measure for developing globally competitive human resources. As a results, three foreign people joined in April 2018. Moving forward, we will continue to promote the diversity of our human resources by employing foreign students continuously and create an organization that will allow diverse human resources to demonstrate their capabilities.

Employment of People with Disabilities

For more than ten years, we have kept the ratio of employees with disabilities at a level above the statutory minimum rate. We will continue to observe the legal requirements and remain proactive in providing workplaces that enable the active participation of people with disabilities.

Raito of employees with disabilities



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