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Promotion of Diversity


Diversity Statement

At Nissan Chemical, it is important that the individuality and talents of each individual be demonstrated and that the purpose of the individual be connected to society through the Company. We believe that this will nurture a sense of fulfillment in work and a sense of purpose in life, and create a strong force that fulfills the future of people and society with hope and happiness as well as realizing the well-being of people who work.

We regard diversity initiatives as an important theme for achieving both the well-being of our workers and the happiness of society, and aim to achieve our Diversity Vision through all measures.

Diversity Vision

  • We will become a vibrant company that is full of job satisfaction and fulfillment in life through a corporate culture that respects and accepts various opinions and ideas arising from all kinds of diversity(※), and creating the opportunities to demonstrate individual talents.
  • We will bring innovation into society with creative and unique ideas that are born from conflict and fusion of various opinions and ideas.
  • We will create a truly valuable future by respecting and accepting the diversity of everyone working together, whether inside or outside the company, and collaborating with society.
  • It refers to all kinds of diversity, including not only external attributes such as gender, age, nationality, and physical characteristics, but also internal attributes such as capability, experience, beliefs, religion, values.


Indicator Scope Unit FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 Target
Full-time employees※1
(by role)
Regular position Male non-consolidated People 937 941 950 960
Female non-consolidated People 84 92 101 109
Total non-consolidated People 1021 1033 1061 1069
Ratio of females non-consolidated % 8.2 8.9 9.6 10.2 13 (2025)
General position Male non-consolidated People 691 713 723 735
Female non-consolidated People 107 115 116 120
Total non-consolidated People 798 828 839 855
Ratio of females non-consolidated % 13.4 13.9 13.8 14.0
Overall Male non-consolidated People 1628 1654 1673 1695
Female non-consolidated People 191 207 217 229
Total non-consolidated People 1819 1861 1890 1924
Ratio of females non-consolidated % 10.5 11.1 11.5 11.9
Ratio of employees with disabilities※2 non-consolidated % 2.23 2.21 2.39 2.30 2.30
(Statutory minimum rate) non-consolidated % (2.00) (2.20) (2.20) (2.20)
Re-employment of retired employees non-consolidated People 91 96 98 103
Ratio of re-employment of retired employees non-consolidated % 75 90 67 86
  • 1 Data is as March 31 for each fiscal year.
  • 2 Data is as June 1 in each year.


Support for the Development of the Next Generation and Promoting Active Participation of Women in the Workplace

In order for individuality and talents of each individual to be fully demonstrated toward the achievement of the Diversity Vision, we believe that a corporate culture that respects and accepts all kinds of diversity and the realization of work-life balance are indispensable.

With regard to the promotion of women, by setting the target of 30% or more for the ratio of females among new graduates in the regular position and by working to expand the job categories in each department within the company, the ratio of females in the regular position increased to 10% in April 2021.

Going forward, we will accelerate the penetration of diverse work styles according to individuality and life stage of each individual, with the new targets of increasing the ratio of females in the regular position to 13% or more, doubling the number of female managers, and encouraging male employees to take childcare leave.

Nissan Chemical Corporation Action Plan (Excerpt)

Period of the plan Five years from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2026
Issue The penetration of diverse work styles according to individuality and life stage of each individual is insufficient.
Target 1 Increase the ratio of female among employees in the regular position to 13% or more
Action 1 Increase the ratio of female among new graduates in the regular position to 30% or more
Target 2 Double the number of female managers (above section chief level)
Action 2 Consideration of personnel system to enable early selection
Target 3 Encourage male employees to take childcare leave
Action 3 Consideration and implementation of measures to recommend male employees to take childcare leave at birth of child and for their superiors to recommend them to take childcare leave
Target 4 Continue to maintain the ratio of taking annual leave (including managers) of 70% or more
Action 4 Thorough implementation of our own taking annual leave target (10 days per year) set through labor-management consultation

Ratio of females among new graduates in the regular position

Activities for Recruiting Foreign Nationalities

As one of the measures to develop globally competitive human resources and to promote the activities of diverse human resources, we are strengthening recruitment activities for foreign nationalities. We have been proactively working on this issue since 2017, and since then, foreign nationalities have joined the Company continuously. Moving forward, we will continue to promote diversification of our human resources through the continuous dispatch of information for foreign nationalities and create an organization that will allow diverse human resources to demonstrate their capabilities.

Employment of People with Disabilities

For more than ten years, we have kept the ratio of employees with disabilities at a level above the statutory minimum rate. We will continue to observe the legal requirements and remain proactive in providing workplaces that enable the active participation of people with disabilities.

Raito of employees with disabilities

*Data is as June 1 in each year.

TOPICS : Creating Employment Opportunities of People with Disabilities on the Farm

In November 2020, we opened a company-owned "Yume Farm" using a rental farm. Through employing people with disabilities as staff on this farm, we will contribute to the financial independence of people with disabilities and deepen our employees' understanding of people with disabilities. We also aim to contribute to the local community by cultivating vegetables and fruits in cooperation with farm staff with disabilities and donating harvests to nearby welfare facilities.

Opening ceremony of "Yume Farm"

State of agricultural products (Komatsuna)




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