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History of Nissan Chemical

Nissan Chemical was founded in 1887 as Tokyo Jinzo Hiryo, Japan's first chemical fertilizer manufacturer, by Meiji Period visionaries Jokichi Takamine, Eiichi Shibusawa and Takashi Masuda.
Subsequently merging with Kanto Sanso, Nippon Kagaku Hiryo, etc., the company eventually changed its name to Dainippon Jinzo Hiryo. In 1937, the company made a comprehensive transfer of its assets, etc., to Nippon Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd., which was affiliated with Nippon Sangyo Corporation, then changed the name of the company to Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd. In 2018, the Company has already been transcending the framework of industry in the development of its business and will accelerate this effort toward the future. In order to clarify this stance, we changed our name to Nissan Chemical Corporation.
The company's first factory was built at what is now 1 Ojima, Koto-ku, Tokyo. There is still a memorial monument to commemorate the times in the park that was built at the site.


1887Founded as Tokyo Jinzo Hiryo, later changed to Dainippon Jinzo Hiryo
1937Changed corporate name to Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.
1943Acquired by Nippon Mining Co., Ltd as its chemical section
1945Nippon Oil & Fats Co., Ltd. took over the chemical section of Nippon Mining Co., Ltd. ,
changed name to Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.
1949Listed in Japanese stock exchange
1949Spun off oil & fats business section (now, NOF Corporation)
1951Launched "SNOWTEX®", a colloidal silica
1965Entered petrochemical business with the establishment of Nissan Petrochemicals Ltd.,
1965Launched "HILITE®", a disinfectant
1969Constructed Sodegaura Plant
1978Launched "TEPIC®", a special epoxy compound
1984Launched "TARGA", a grass killer for broadleaf crops
1984Launched "SUNEVER", a polyimide resin for coating the liquid-crystal glass
1988Assigned petrochemical business to Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd. (now, KH Neochem Co., Ltd.)
1989Established Nissan Chemical America Corporation (NCA)
1990Launched "SIRIUS", a herbicide for rice and turf
1991Launched "SANMITE", an insecticide and acaricide for fruits, vegetables, tea, and ornamentals
1994Launched "LANDEL", an anti-hypertension agent
1994Launched "PERMIT", a herbicide for corn crops
1996Established Nissan Chemical Houston Corporation (NCH)
1998Launched "ARC®", anti-reflective coating for semiconductors by license from Brewer Science, Inc.
2001Established Nissan Chemical Korea Co. Ltd. (now, NCK Co. Ltd.)
2001Reorganized R&D facilities: setting up Chemical Research Laboratories,
Electronic Materials Research Laboratories,
and Specialty Materials Research Laboratories
2001Established Nissan-Agri Co., Ltd. (now, Sun Agro Co., Ltd.)
to integrate fertilizer businesses in group companies
2002Acquired herbicide business in Japan from Monsanto Japan Limited
2002Established Nissan Chemical Europe S.A.S. in France
2003Launched "LIVALO", an anti-cholesterol agent
2005Established Nissan Chemical Agro Korea Ltd.
2008Launched "LEIMAY", a fungicide effective against fungal diseases in grapes,
potato, tomato, vegetables, and brassica
2009Launched "STARMITE", an acaricide effective against spider mites on fruits, tea,
vegetables and ornamentals
2010Acquired fungicide (thifluzamide) from Dow AgroSciences LLC
2010Established Nissan Chemical Taiwan Co., Ltd.
2013Acquired Thin Materials GmbH
2013Merged NCH into NCA
2014Established Nissan Chemical Product (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
2014Reorganized Electronic Materials Research Laboratories and Inorganic Materials Research Laboratories into the Materials Research Laboratories.
2016Established Nissan Chemical Do Brasil.
2017Established Nissan Agro Tech India PVT.LTD.
2017Established Nissan Chemical Materials Research(Suzhou)Co , Ltd.
2018Changed corporate name to Nissan Chemical Corporation
2020Established Nissan Bharat Rasayan Private Limited
2023Established Nissan Chemical Agro Singapore Private Limited

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