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Index and Data

ESG Information Index

  Item Policy/Philosophy System Indicators Activities
Common Top Message - - -
Course of Action and Sustainability Promotion Structure - -
Materiality and SDGs - - -
Process of Value Creation - - -
Commitment to and Communication with Stakeholders - - -
Participation in External Initiatives - - -
Respect for Human Rights -
Information disclosure in line with TCFD recommendations
Responsible Care Management
E(Environmental) Mitigation of Climate Change
Adaptation to Climate Change -
Reduction of Industrial Waste and Pollutant Emissions
Management of Chemical Substances -
Water Resources Conservation
Biodiversity Conservation - -
Environmental Impact from Business Activities - - -
Environmental Accounting - - -
Supply of Environmentally Friendly Products and Services - -
S(Social) Personnel Retention and Trainings -
Promotion of Diversity -
Creation of a Comfortable Workplace -
Maintenance and Improvement of Employees’ Health
Promotion of Safety and Disaster Prevention, and Occupational Safety and Health
Safety Accounting - - -
Contribution to Health Issues - -
Contribution to the Improvement of the Quality of Life - -
Contribution to Smart Society - -
Contribution to the Food Issues - -
Contribution to Communities and Society - -
G(Governance Corporate Governance
Risk Management -
Promotion of Fair-Trading -
Promotion of Sustainable Procurement - -
Improvement of Products Quality
Integrated Report
GRI Content Index
SASB Content Index
ESG Performance Data
Third-party Verification
Third-party Recognition
Editorial Policy of Sustainability Website



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