CSR Management

Basic CSR Policy and Promotion Structure

Basic CSR Policy

  • (1)Conduct sensible business activities as a member of the international community in compliance with laws and regulations.
  • (2)Enhance corporate value by providing safe and useful products and services.
  • (3)Strive to achieve no-accidents & no-disasters and protect the global environment.
  • (4)Disclose information appropriately with a focus on communication with stakeholders.
  • (5)Create a cheerful and pleasant workplace by respecting the individuality and personalities of employees.
  • (6)Conduct ourselves as good corporate citizens and decent members of society.

CSR Promotion Structure

Our group considers that the corporate philosophy “We contribute to society in harmony with the environment, based on our excellent technologies, products and services” is the basis of our business activities, and we have established the CSR Committee to enhance our CSR activities. The long- and medium-term CSR plans and annual plans are decided by the board meeting after discussion by the committee.

CSR Promotion Structure


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