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We are promoting deployment of the company’s proprietary isocyanuric acid derivative, focusing on a new grade of the special epoxy TEPIC®. We are also engaged in the development of environmental chemical products and resin additives.


Main Products Under Development

A new liquid epoxy compound that provides both heat resistance and solubility.
Excellent resistance to yellowing (from heat/light), cationic polymerization, and other curing properties can be expected.
The low-viscosity liquid epoxy material has an isocyanurate structure.
Cured physical properties with low water absorbability can be expected due to the excellent cationic curability.
The epoxy reactive diluent has a specific branched alkyl chain structure.
It can be expected to give low-k characteristics to cured materials.
Triazine based adhesion improver.
STARFINE shows strongly molecular interaction between metal surface and polar resin.
A wide range of contacts regardless of various metal.

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