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Message From The Chairman

Thank you for visiting the Nissan Chemical Web site.

Our company was founded as Japan's first chemical fertilizer manufacturer to solve food issues which Japan faced in 1887 under the founding spirit "to dedicate ourselves to prosperity of the nation by agricultural fertility." The pioneering spirit has been still very much alive at Nissan Chemical as we have continued putting effort into innovative technologies and projects that promote social progress, greatly transforming our business operations.

To realize corporate vision in a new era, we currently provide products and services on a global scale in four business domains, such as Chemicals, Performance Materials, Agricultural Chemicals, and Pharmaceuticals on the basis of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) established by the United Nations.

The global spread of COVID-19 is greatly changing society and the economy. At the same time, various social issues, such as declining birthrate and growing proportion of elderly people, health issue, climate change, aggravated food issue and economic divides are on the increase and threatening the sustainability of society.

We are facing a tough era that deliberation and proactive effort decide survival.

Now is the time to integrate knowledge that our Group have cultivated and thoroughly pursue the strategies to achieve and realize the corporate vision "A corporate group that contributes to human survival and development".

As a "Future-Creating Enterprise that Responds to Social Needs with Unique, Innovative Technologies", we will continue to aim for synergistic development with society.

Representative Director, Chairman


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