Corporate Profile



Audit & Supervisory Board Member


  • Apr. 1990

    Qualified for attorney-at-law
    Joined Nagashima & Ohno (currently Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu)

  • Aug. 1996

    Qualified for attorney-at-law in New York State, USA

  • Oct. 1996

    Joined Tokyo City Law & Tax Partners

  • Feb. 2003

    Joined City-Yuwa Partners (to the present)

  • Oct. 2004

    Statutory Auditor of Deutsche Asset Management (Japan) Limited (to the present)

  • Jul. 2005

    Statutory Auditor (part-time) of Deutsche Securities Junbi K.K. (currently Deutsche Securities Inc.)

  • Sep. 2006

    Outside Director of Accordia Golf co., Ltd.

  • Apr. 2009

    Visiting Professor of Toyo University Law School

  • Jun. 2013

    Supervisory Director of SIA REIT, Inc. (currently One REIT, Inc.)

  • Feb. 2014

    Examiner for the preliminary bar examination

  • Jun. 2014

    Audit & Supervisory Board Member, the Company(to the present)

  • Aug. 2017

    Supervisory Director of HEIWA REAL ESTATE REIT, Inc. (to the present)

  • Apr. 2018

    Outside Director of Nippon Denkai, Ltd. (to the present)

  • Mar. 2019

    Outside Corporate Auditor of Livesense Inc. (to the present)

  • Jun. 2021

    Outside Statutory Auditor of AIDA ENGINEERING, LTD. (to the present)


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