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Corporate Profile

Nissan Chemical Corporation contributes to society with superior technology, products, and services, while striving for harmony with the environment.

  • Message From The Chairman

    A message from Nissan Chemical Corporation Chairman KINOSHITA Kojiro.

  • Message From The President

    A message from Nissan Chemical Corporation President YAGI Shinsuke.

  • Corporate Summary

    An overview of Nissan Chemical Corporation and an introduction to our executives.

  • Corporate Philosophy

    An introduction to the history of Nissan Chemical Corporation.

  • History

    An introduction to the corporate philosophy of Nissan Chemical Corporation

  • Organization

    The Nissan Chemical Corporation organizational chart.

  • Network

    An introduction to the business sites of Nissan Chemical Corporation

  • Nissan Chemical Group

    A list of the Nissan Chemical Group companies.

  • Corporate Governance

    Our basic thinking and structure for corporate governance.

  • Compliance

    Our compliance promotion structure.

  • Risk Management

    Our basic policy and system for risk management.

  • Library

    Booklets and videos of Nissan Chemical Corporation.


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