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Environment & Energy Materials Development Department

We develop materials for secondary battery such as lithium ion battery with high energy density and all solid state battery, materials for fuel cell, photovoltaic device and thermal control materials.

Environmental Harmony Materials
  • Ecopromote® ~Nucleating Agents for PLA.
    Ecopromote® acts as a stable nucleus during the molding process of polylactic acid :PLA. It dramatically increases the crystallization rate and produces fine and uniform crystals. And these effects improve the molding cycle, heat resistance, and transparency of PLA products.
  • Energy harvesting material
    We are developing technologies to convert heat energy and light energy around us into electricity, above all 'Soluble Hole Transport Materials for Organic Photovoltaic' utilizing our ink technology.
Battery Materials
  • FairCurrent®
    FairCurrent® is coating material contains highly dispersed nanomaterial for lithium ion battery. This material enable LiB to improve energy density and life by reduction of electric resistance and increasing adhesion between electrode and current collector.
    FairCurrent® is suitable for battery for automotive in which high power and long time durability is necessary.

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