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Agricultural Chemicals



Nissan Chemical Corporation is working proactively on "discovery and development" of new agents for major crops in Japan and overseas.
In addition, the Company is working to enhance the product lineup through M&A and acquisition of agents from other companies.


Main Products

In order to respond to the needs of farmers, we develop and sell a large number of one-shot herbicides for rice fields, with the proprietary active ingredient "SIRIUS®" as the main component. Many formulations are available, with "SIRIUS® Turbo®" and "Doublestar®SB" as the main products. Granule agents, flowable agents, jumbo agents, and pellet agents are also available.
In 2002, Nissan Chemical acquired exclusive marketing rights in Japan from Monsanto. This herbicide kills most weeds, has low toxicity to humans and animals, and does not remain in the soil/environment. It has become a highly popular herbicide around the world. It is used in agriculture, non-agricultural land, homes, and a variety of other places.
An herbicide for the control of grassy weeds around soybeans, beets, cotton, sunflowers, and other broadleaf crops. It is used worldwide, particularly in North America and Europe. In addition, it is sold in Japan under the product name "PORTO® Flowable," and is mainly used for soybeans.


An acaricide with the proprietary active ingredient "Cyenopyrafen" as a component. It eliminates spider mites from fruit trees, tea plants, and vegetables. It is effective at all stages of growth, from egg, to larva, to adult.
With the proprietary active ingredient Amisulbrom as a component, it is highly effective against the epiphytotic downy mildew, a serious disease that affects potatoes and vegetables. It is highly resistant to rain, and firmly protects crops from disease damage.
In Japan, we sell the middle/late-term agent for rice fields "HICUT®" and the lawn herbicide "INPOOL®," which have shown a high level of effectiveness against spikerush, which is difficult to prevent/eliminate, as products utilizing the characteristic strength of the proprietary active ingredient "PERMIT®" against sedges. We export both the progenitor and formulation overseas under the product name "PERMIT®."
Nissan Chemical's proprietary active ingredient "ALTAIR®" is a wide-spectrum herbicide that is highly effective against bulrush, sedges, and other perennial weeds. Major agents include "GINGA®", "GEKKO®" and "COMET®".
An insecticide and acaricide with the proprietary active ingredient "Pyridaben" as a component. It is effective against spider mites and rust mites in fruit trees, as well as spider mites and whiteflies in vegetables.
Contains Thifluzamide, which was acquired from Dow AgroSciences in 2010. Sold as "GREATAM®" for sheath blight disease in rice fields, and as "IKARUGA®" for large patch disease in grass lawns. In addition, we export a product with the same ingredients overseas under the product name "PULSOR®."
Insecticide, that contains the proprietary active ingredient Fluxametamide, protects vegetables and tea against pests. GRACIA® is a quick-action, broad-spectrum insecticide to secure yields.

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