Cell culture material

Cellhesion®-MS : MSC 3D Culture Material

Cellhesion®-MS is specifically developed for the 3D suspension culture of MSC to meet the large scale demand of MSC for medical use. It can be easily scaled up to liters scale or more.

The MSC cultured with this material, regardless of their origin, shows great potential for improved therapeutic effect with higher expression level of homing effect related marker (MMP2, CXCR4), higher secretion level of TSG-6, bFGF, VEGF etc. Furthermore in vivo experiment shows Cellhesion®-MS cultured MSC have achieved the same therapeutic effect with as little as one seventh of the cell number of 2D cultured MSC.


Cell culture with Cellhesion®-MS

Cell culture process (schematic figure)

Spheroids cultured with Cellhesion®-MS

in vitro evaluation of Cellhesion®-MS cultured MSC

Line-up and Protocol

This material is not commercially available yet. If you are interested, please contact us for detailed information.


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