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Performance Materials

We will continue to expand the business by actively developing display, semiconductor,
and inorganic materials, as well as new materials for new field.

Business Overview

Display Materials

Polyimide Plant No. 3 (Sodegaura)

Nissan Chemical’s display materials business, led by SUNEVER® (polyimide for LCD/flat panel displays) and peripheral materials such as NHC® (insulating hard coating), is developed by meeting the needs of expanding display market in and around Asia.

Details on display materials here


Semiconductor Materials

ARC® Products

Nissan Chemical has been providing bottom anti-reflective coating (ARC®*) materials in Micro Lithography for Semiconductor manufacturing process and expanding its material technology and business to multi-layer process material as well.

*ARC® is registered trade mark of Brewer Science, Inc.

Main Products


Details on semiconductor materials here


Inorganic Materials

SNOWTEX® Plant (Toyama)

SNOWTEX® Products

The foundation of Nissan Chemical inorganic materials operations is our nanoparticle control technology.  As one of our core technologies we have for a long period of time continued to develop its applications for a variety of fields in our effort to supply an unique product.
More recently, having SNOWTEX® as its major brand, use of products expanded into cutting edge fields, with battery and inkjet printer paper’s coating agent and polishing agent applications, ad gained a reputation as an indispensable product in a wide variety of fields.

Details on inorganic materials here


Products Under Development


Our development is focused on next generation products that catch the future needs of customers.

Main Products Under Development


Details on products under development here


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