Cell culture material

Innovation for Culture

3-Dimensional culture medium, FCeM® —​

We, Nissan Chemical, have succeeded in developing a new culture method to mimic the biological environment.
Today, we are contributing to the field of regenerative medicine including iPS / ES cell manufacturing and drug discovery research.​
FCeM® must be continued to innovate in order to open up the future of medicine and to proceed in cell culture technology.​

News Release

19.9.25 Poster presentation and company booth exhibited at KSSCR/ISSCR 2019 in Seoul
19.9.19 Company booth exhibited at CSSCR/ISSCR 2019 in Tianjin
19.9.10 Poster presentation and company booth exhibited at BioProcess International 2019 in Boston

FCeM®​ 3D Culture Medium

- Preparation Kit

- Advance Preparation Kit

- Custom Media Manufacturing


FCeM®​ 3D Cell Culture Modules

Culture Bag​
Sphere Collecting and Splitting Module



Supplement for ES/iPS Cells Culture


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