Responsible Care (RC) Activities

Amount of Energy Consumption and Energy Consumption Rate

Production and Research

In accordance with “the Act on the Rational Use of Energy”, we collect data on the amount of energy consumed at all of our business establishments and submit this data to the national government, along with data on our energy consumption rate. Our energy consumption in FY2016 was almost equal to the previous fiscal year’s level in crude oil equivalent. We have a product matrix that covers a wide range of products, from commodity chemicals to agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and functional products for electronic materials. This makes it difficult to evaluate the energy consumption rate based on the simple quantity of production, which is why we calculate it based on sales. Our energy consumption rate improved from the previous year by 3%. This is attributed mainly to the increased sales of high value added products.

Energy consumption (crude oil equivalent 1,000kl) and energy consumption index (FY2011 as a base of 100) in production and research


As a cargo owner, we work together with Nissan Butsuryu Co., Ltd., a group company which handles our logistics operations, to promote the rational use of energy for transportation. In FY2016, the amount of energy consumption in crude oil equivalent increased slightly from the previous fiscal year. However, the energy consumption rate was improved from the previous fiscal year. We will continue striving to improve our energy consumption rate through measures such as promoting modal shifts, replacing vehicles with energy-saving and practicing eco-driving.

Energy consumption (left axis: crude oil equivalent 1,000kl) and energy consumption rate (right axis: kl / one million ton kilo) in logistics

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