Corporate Profile


 The Nissan Chemical Group believes that adherence to laws and regulations as well as societal norms is a required condition for the survival and growth of companies, and therefore focuses effort on management that emphasizes compliance. Accordingly, we have established a "Compliance Committee" as an organization aimed at promoting compliance strongly throughout the Group as well as maintaining and improving such efforts. The Compliance Committee includes outside experts, and is chaired by the President of Nissan Chemical. In addition to providing education and guidance, revising regulations, and creating manuals related to compliance, the Committee receives reports from the heads of each department and site, the chairs of each related committee, and the presidents of subsidiaries, periodically conducts audits of the status of compliance, and makes recommendations for improvement as necessary.
 Further, along with establishing corporate ethics guidelines, the Committee presents compliance rules to Group employees, in an aim to receive a solid social evaluation as a good corporate citizen by conducting daily activities with even more integrity than in the past.

Basic CSR Policies

  1. Conduct sensible business activities as a member of the international community in compliance with laws and regulations.
  2. Enhance corporate value by providing safe and useful products and services.
  3. Strive proactively to eliminate accidents and disasters and protect the global environment.
  4. Disclose information appropriately with a focus on dialogue with stakeholders.
  5. Create a cheerful and pleasant place to work by respecting the individuality and personality of employees.
  6. Conduct ourselves as a good corporate citizen and a respected member of society.

Compliance Rules

As a corporate citizen
  • Comply with the laws/regulations of the industry
  • Restrict contributions and political donations
  • Terminate any relationships with antisocial forces
  • Comply with antitrust laws
  • Conduct fair transactions with suppliers and comply with the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract
  • Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors
  • Prevent unfair competition
  • Comply with laws and regulations related to security export control
  • Comply with laws and regulations related to import/export
  • Prohibit excessive entertainment and gifts
  • Prohibit bribery of foreign officials, etc.
  • Implement appropriate marketing and advertising
As a manufacturer
  • Ensure the safety of products
  • Protect the environment
  • Implement security and disaster prevention measures
As a public corporation
  • Disclose management information
  • Conduct appropriate accounting processing
As a member of the workplace
  • Comply with work regulations
  • Respect human rights; prohibit discrimination
  • Prohibit sexual harassment
  • Protect privacy
  • Ensure the health and safety of the workplace
  • Prohibit political and religious activities
As a stakeholder of the company
  • Prohibit conflicts of interest
  • Use corporate assets appropriately
  • Prohibit insider trading
As a person who handles work-related information
  • Manage confidential corporate information appropriately
  • Use information systems appropriately
  • Manage personal information appropriately
  • Protect intellectual property