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The Advanced Materials & Planning Department’s mission is to create new products and businesses which are the pillars of our future in performance materials and life sciences other than pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. While to clarify the characteristics of the new seeds with highly originality and capture the market needs, we are promoting the actual demand of new products that meet customer needs.
In addition to building on and utilizing our unique fine organic synthesis, polymer design, ultrafine particle control and biological evaluation core technologies, we are attempting to speed up the generation of new business and materials by forming alliances with other specialist corporations, and by forming a partnership with Kyushu University.
Furthermore, we are endeavoring to explore the limitless possibilities of chemical science to create high value-added products that satisfy customer demands for reliability, and in the process grow even brighter as a value-creating corporation.

Environmental Harmony Materials

Nucleating Agents for Inducing the Crystallization Speed of PLA.
This material improve forming cycle performance, thermal stability and transparency of final products.
ECOPROMOTE is effective for injection molding and thermoforming process.

Life Science Materials

This material can change from GEL(solid) to SOL(liquid) by pressure.
NANOFIBERGEL make formation for Spray, Cream and Stick etc. These are suitable for cosmetics, medical and healthcare application.
Cell culture material
Cell culture media with “FP001”, which is cell culture ingredient, can disperse and float cell spheres. It represent similar viscosity of water and is applied to screening of anti-cancer agent. FP001 also make it possible to do large-scale 3D culture of iPS/ES cells.

Optical Materials

Liquid type organic-inorganic hybrid resin materials which have high thermal stability and transparency from visible to near infrared area.
Suitable for imprinting method, photo lithography and etc.
This material is able to apply optical devices such as optical lens (low abbe lens, array lens) and optical interconnect (optical waveguide, optical coupling ).

New Development Field

AQUAJOINT® is a stretchable hydrogel formed by mixing two liquids at room temperature. Water-soluble components in this product can form a gel with a three-dimensional network structure when the product is left at room temperature after mixing the two types of water solutions. Various components are added to this solution to fulfill the customer’s need.
Materials for battery ,etc

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