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  • What is the price of TARGA?

    Please contact your local retailer as the selling prices vary by countries.

  • Where can I buy TARGA?

    TARGA is available through the local distributor in your country.

  • Are you allowed to apply TARGA on a crop or weed that is listed on this website but not on the local product label?

    NO. Please follow the product label of each country.
    We carry out trials in each country and confirm the efficacy and safety on the crop or against weeds before the product is sold in the market.
    The efficacy may differ due to climatic conditions and crop varieties.

  • I'm interested in developing and selling TARGA, who should I contact?

    Please feel free to contact us.

  • Are there any concerns about toxicity?

    If you properly follow the directions listed on your local label description, there should be no concerns of toxicity.